Danish royal wedding

This video shows the arrival of the Danish royal family at the 2004 wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson.

:15 - Arrival of Their Royal Highnesses Prince Frederik and his brother, Prince Joachim.

2:12 - Arrival of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, then-wife of Prince Joachim. They would divorce in 2005, and Alexandra is now known as "Her Excellency Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg".

4:37 - Arrival of Her Majesty Queen Margethe II and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik, the Prince Consort.

7:28 - Directly behind Queen Margrethe II stands Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and to her right is Queen Sofia of Spain, who is seated beside King Albert II of Belgium.

9:22 - The bride emerges from her limousine, accompanied by her father.