Wedding of Prince Nikolaos

Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, the second son of King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, married his fiancee Tatiana Blatnik on Wednesday, August 25 at the St. Nicholas church on the Greek island of Spetses. The wedding was attended by members of the Greek royal family - King Constantine, Queen Anne-Marie, and the groom's siblings - Princess Alexia, Crown Prince Pavlos, Princess Theodora and Prince Philippos.

Royals from across Europe also arrived for the wedding, including th
e groom's aunts, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Queen Sofia of Spain, and the crown princes and princesses of Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

Since the wedding, Ta
tiana Blatnik is now officially known as Her Royal Highness Princess Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark. Though the Greek constitution no longer recognizes titles of nobility, many foreign countries continue to recognize the titles of the Greek royal family out of courtesy. Since all dynastic members of the Greek royal family are male-line descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark, they are also legally titled as Princes/Princesses of Denmark, a dignity Ms. Blatnik has inherited through her marriage. Tatiana Blatnik has married into one of Europe's most prominent royal families. Though the Greek monarchy itself only lasted for a little over a hundred years, the dynasty that sired the current generation of Greek royals traces its lineage through the Danish royal house and through marriages into countless other European royalties.

Prince and Princess Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark depart the church after their wedding.

Crowds cheer as King Constantine, Queen Anne-Marie and Prince Nikolaos enter the church.

King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie, former monarchs of Greece, attend the wedding of their son, Prince Nikolaos.

Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece arrives with one of his children at the wedding of his brother, Prince Nikolaos.

Prince Philippos and Princess Theodora arrive at the wedding of their brother, Prince Nikolaos.

Princess Alexia, sister of Prince Nikolaos, arrives with her husband and children at the wedding.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Queen Sofia of Spain arrive at the wedding. Prince Nikolaos is a mutual nephew of both queens- Margrethe II is the sister of Queen Anne-Marie, while Queen Sofia (formerly Princess Sophia of Greece) is the sister of King Constantine.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent (members of the British royal family) arrive at the wedding. Prince Michael is closely related to the Greek royal family- his mother, Princess Marina of Greece, was a cousin of Prince Nikolaos' grandfather, King Paul of Greece.

Farah, former Empress of Iran, arrives at the wedding.

Felipe, Prince of Asturias, and Letizia, Princess of Asturias (son and daughter-in-law of the King and Queen of Spain) arrive at the wedding of Felipe's cousin, Prince Nikolaos.


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