Funeral for Queen Anne of Romania

Her Majesty Queen Anne of Romania, the late wife of Romania's last monarch, King Michael, was buried on Saturday August 13 in a ceremony described by the international media as the biggest royal funeral since that of Queen Marie of Romania back in 1938.

While it was not a state funeral, the Queen, who died on August 1 in a Swiss hospital, was given a guard of honor by soldiers of the Michael the Brave regiment. Members of Anne's family were in attendance, along with representatives of various European royal houses. A service held in front of the former Royal Palace in Bucharest (now the National Museum of Art) preceded the Queen's burial at the cathedral of Curtea de Arges. Absent from the service were King Michael, who was advised by doctors not to attend as he is currently receiving extensive treatment for cancer, and Anne's daughter, Irina, who lives in the United States but was arrested in 2013 and convicted of engaging in illegal cockfighting.

Below are photographs from the ceremony.

Coffin of Queen Anne arrives at the Cathedral of Curtea de Arges.

From left: Queen Anne's second daughter, Princess Elena; Prince Radu and Princess Margarita, Queen Anne's eldest daughter and her husband.

From left: Queen Anne's youngest daughter, Princess Maria, comforts her sister, Princess Sofia.

Nicholas Medforth-Mills, Queen Anne's grandson. Nicholas, the son of Princess Elena, was previously styled as HRH Prince Nicholas of Romania following his 25th birthday in 2010, as King Michael had designated him to be third in line to head the Romanian royal house, behind his mother and his aunt Margarita. In 2015, however, the King stripped Nicholas of his title and revoked his place in the succession for undisclosed reasons.

Princess Maria, followed by her nephew, Nicholas Medforth-Mills.

Princess Maria weeps as her sister Princess Sofia comforts her.

Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Duke of Parma; he is the current head of the royal house which Queen Anne was born into.

Various royals in attendance, including Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna (second from left), the current head of the deposed Russian imperial house, and next to her Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, current head of the House of Hohenzollern, the deposed imperial house of the German Empire and the dynasty from which the Romanian royal family descends.